Baby Callen

Today, I had the privilege to meet baby Callen. Though he has a long road ahead of him, he has already showed proof that he is a ‘fighter.’ When Victoria, Callen’s mom, came to me several weeks ago to inquire about photography at the birth of her son, her ‘debriefing’ of the situation to come was, for lack of better words, somewhat grim. I have to admit that though I kept a relaxed front during our conversation, I was very nervous to do this sort of shoot. I think a lot of my nervousness spurred from still having very ‘fresh’ memories of the births of my 2 young children. Knowing the immense love that instantaneously overwhelms a mother at the birth of her child, whatever his or her condition, I was nervous that I would be too overwhelmed to capture a very special moment for a beautiful family. I can not fathom the fear and joy that these two parents are living through as they are experiencing the miracle of their new son in his first few days of life.

As many already know, David and I are making a lot of decisions right now towards the planning of our future. We have spent many hours praying, only to wonder sometimes, ‘is this really what we are supposed to do…or, are we making the right decisions?’ and many times if feels as if our faith is shot. Over the last few weeks, I have marveled in Victoria’s relentless faith and happiness through her FB posts and updates. Our ‘life decisions’ are so trivial compared to their prayers to simply have ‘life.’ If Justin and Victoria ever question, ‘Why God, is this happening to us?’, I think I can speak for many people, that perhaps one answer could be, that they have been a true lesson of ‘never ending’ faith in even the most dire circumstances, and for that, I am very grateful.


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our layover in london

Well I have made it home! It was a woderful, eye-opening trip, that I have not quite put into words yet how I would like to describe it. I am missing David terribly like a big baby. I have a new found respect for all military wives that have to do this (to much greater extent) on a regular basis. I am, however, so loving having my babies back. Parker keeps asking ‘where is Daddy at?’ and it is breaking my heart. For some reason she thinks he is at Target? I am not quite sure where she is getting that…Since I was not able to upload pictures in Kenya, I thought I would start from the very beginning of our traveling, and as I edit, will continue to add more. Enjoy!